Tech unemployment is at just 2.4%, which is nearly three times lower than the national average at the time of publication. The landscape is shaping up to be the most competitive it has been in quite some time.  

The best talent is in high demand and will have multiple options when choosing their career move.  What can you do to attract the resources you need quickly?  One easy way to speed up your process is to look at resumes differently – finding highly qualified candidates who are also a good organizational fit.  

If you’re looking for quick tips, check out our video on YouTube, “Resume Review Tips – Advice for Business Leaders”.  

You should follow four resume guidelines to determine if the candidate is someone you want to talk to Leadership Skills, Cross-function Flexibility, Current Tech Trends, and Timing. 

Leadership Skills:  

Over the last 10 years, the tech industry has changed considerably. Engineers aren’t sitting alone anymore, solely focused on code. There is an interpersonal aspect to the job. Culture is exponentially more important. With telecommuting the norm, “soft skills” aren’t a luxury, they’re a necessity. 

Look for experiences that showcase leadership, not necessarily tied to management positions within a company. Look for life experience, as well.  

Some examples are: 

Do they volunteer their time with a local organization? 

Are they participating in associations or boards? 

Cross-function Flexibility: 

You want to make sure that the person can work cross-functionally 

While there is certainly a solid market for specialty skills the end goal should be business outcomes.  

When reviewing a resume, if you notice the candidate has mentioned a business outcome based on their work, tag that resume. You’ll want to speak with individuals who understand the value of their project scope and how it is affecting the overall business.   

Current on Tech Trends:  

In an evolving landscape, continuing education is paramount. If medical professionals continuously educate themselves on new medical research, why not tech talent?  

They are highly skilled professionals. Anything they are doing to continue that development is a sign of a driven person.  

Beyond taking a class, are they attending conferences, or pursuing certifications to advance their careers? What have they done to bring value to themselves and their organization?   


It’s a cliché, but it’s true. Timing is everything. Expediency doesn’t mean you have to sacrifice quality. In a hypercompetitive market, you can’t have paralysis by analysis. You’re a business leader for a reason, trust your gut.  

The ability to improve your organization and drive business goals relies on you to find the right people. Take control by identifying talent and making a move.  

It doesn’t matter if you’re using a staffing agency like TransTech or handling it yourself. We recommend setting up a quick conversation before your competition gets to them first! 


Finding talent the perfect hire is part skill and part luck. At TransTech IT Staffing, we create a repeatable process that helps us and our clients identify talent immediately, surmise if they’re a cultural fit, and get them on-boarded and productive quickly.

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