BI Data Modeler III

BI Data Modeler III

Location: Madison, WI

Duration: 3 years

Under general supervision and direction of AppsDev Supervisor, this position is responsible for creating criminal history data infrastructure with complete documentation of metadata, business rules and technical details. There is a project underway to improve criminal history data and this position will play a critical role to capture data documentation through reverse engineering, interviews and detailed documentation of all data elements related to the criminal history data repository. The Department is implementing a new data management tool and this position will play a role in creating and maintaining a change management process to use the tool and new processes for all data documentation purposes.

This position will work closely with the Chief Data Officer (CDO), data owners, technical staff and project manager to develop project proposals, scope documents, process flow diagrams, entity-relationship diagrams, user stories, coding specifications, test plans and occasionally assist with training documentation. This position will contribute to a large project and will be essential in building data foundations in Bureau of Computing Services (BCS) to provide more data services across the Department and elevate DOJ’s data maturity level.

This position requires effective communication with both technical and nontechnical users to explain IT solutions. Extensive experience working with specific hardware and software systems, engineering data flows in applications and various reporting tools, ability to design, analyze and troubleshoot IT at a systems level is critical.