BI Developer

BI Developer

Supports analyses of the programs using both clinical and administrative data sources. Organize extracts and analyzes data to perform rigorous analyses and appraisals. Makes recommendations based on analyses. Helps lead and guide the preparation and delivery of effective summaries of information, presentations, reports and communications for various internal and external audiences. Coordinates collaboration with internal and external teams as well as vendors to accomplish project goals. Builds and maintains valuable business relationships in a cross-functional, fast-paced environment.

Helps lead and guide the overall management and execution of analytic activities on a project-specific basis across all Blue Distinction program initiatives. The scope of this function includes, but is not limited to:
• Storing, retrieving, validating and managing clinical / administrative data
• Maintaining clinical/program management data quality and accuracy
• Conducting statistical and methodological appraisal and summaries
• Performing analysis and synthesis of data
• Making recommendations based on data analysis and synthesis
• Design and create analysis and reports that include summaries, graphs, slides, diagrams and summary tables
• Program maintenance

Interacts with staff and Vendors to collect information and support analytic activities. Collects and analyzes data on health care markets, competitors and health plan performance; contributes to design and completion of project analyses. Summarizes the results of analyses in reports, notes, spreadsheets and charts; contributes to development of presentation slides. Provides data driven recommendations and process improvements

Helps lead and guide technology initiatives across the Blue Distinction programs. The scope of this function includes, but is not limited to:
• Report development
• Data cleaning
• Data reconciliations
• Testing

Minimum experience:
• Undergraduate degree with emphasis on statistics and analytic methods.
• Minimum of 5 years business experience in quantitative and qualitative analysis, data collection, synthesis and reporting.
• Excellent technical proficiency with office oriented tools (e.g. Microsoft Office), with particular emphasis on Excel and PowerPoint, as well as analytic, query and reporting tools (e.g. R, SAS, SQL, Tableau)
• Ability to work independently to generate, synthesize and analyze data, reports and tables and identify key findings.

Minimum skills:
• Excellent verbal and written communication skills, problem solving and organizational abilities.
• Positive communicator with strong relationship skills to interact effectively with internal staff, Plan stakeholders, and external partners, increasing awareness of value.
• Advanced problem solving skills.

Synthesis  of cost and quality data in support of programs. Includes development and execution of statistical models and report development (Tableau)

Resolution of of data and business issues with BDSC designations.

Additional Skills: Tableau, SAS, Statistical Analysis, Healthcare Provider Networks / Programs