IOT Hardware Engineer

 IOT/Hardware Engineer

Location: Irving, TX

Duration: 1 year

In this role, you will design, build, and deploy services for a range of custom-engineered/procured hardware devices using Bluetooth/BLE, Wi-Fi and other device-to-device communication channels and protocols. You will be creating the hardware specification process, PCB interfaces, help integrate sensors with edge computing devices, writing software to communicate with cloud and other on-premise devices at the same time keeping security in forefront of all decision making. You will be working with a dynamic and collaborative team that integrates a wide array of technologies into a cohesive IT Solution that enables to provide more value to our customers & franchisees and also drive down costs.


Must Have Qualifications:

BS/MS in Computer Science/Electronics/Electrical Engineering with related experience of 4+ years in software/hardware development Minimum of 2+ years of experience programming on STM32 chipsets Hands on development experience in Embedded C/C++ and some exposure to Python and/or Java (we prefer polyglots & those open to learn new stuff on the go) Working knowledge of computer architecture with particular emphasis on Arm based micro-controllers like STM32 Chips, Bluetooth/WiFi/Ethernet for communication, and working with different sensors like Temperature, Weight, Level, Solenoids, etc..

Loves to connect things to other things and have them communicate to create business value Has ability to create a quick prototype that can control hardware devices and program them with Raspberry Pi/Beagle board.

Basic use of electrical/wiring tools, soldering experience.

1+ years of programming with Linux/Windows systems with exposure to networking and scripting experience.

Has experience implementing hardware and software integrations into production Has a growth and scalability mindset for software and hardware that translates to production level implementation realities Knows what RESTful and JSON are and understands the pros and cons over other options.

Experience working with AWS / Azure / Google Cloud Platform.

A strong grasp of CS and Electronics fundamentals, especially in circuit design, data structures, algorithm design and Object-Oriented programming.

Ability to work well in a team and to take on leadership roles as required Experience in using version control systems like Git or SVN, and able to solve merge issues.

Excellent written and verbal communications skills