Project Manager III

Project Manager III

Location: Green Bay, WI

Duration: 3 months CTH



Develops, communicates and implements a county-wide plan for the strategic use of information technology based on the needs. Plans long-range goals, organizational structure and overall direction for the department to meet Information Technology strategic plans. Monitors implementation to ensure that goals and objectives are being met and that adequate progress is being made on the strategic plans.

Manages the selection, procurement, implementation and maintenance of data systems and other technology while providing cost/benefit analysis to support decisions. Facilitates the implementation of enterprise systems and technologies used by multiple departments.

Develops and maintains the information technology infrastructure, including the computer network and fileservers.

Maintains awareness of effective applications of technology, especially those in local government, and provides consultation on technology issues.

Develops the 5-year and annual budget for Information Technology. Ensures that the technology expenses are appropriate through cost control measures to ensure compliance with the established budget.