Senior Developer

Senior Developer

Location: Chicago, IL

Duration: 5-6 months

This exciting project involves building out a new platform for quote driven matching, a particular type of trading with some interesting challenges. Not only do we solve problems that are typical in software development, we have some unique problems faced in few other industries around response time and regulations.


We use a lot of commonly used tools to build our software: Java 11, Dagger, Gradle, jUnit, Serenity BDD, Docker, Kafka, and Jenkins. But we also use some less frequently utilized technologies and techniques, like JMH, Simple Binary Encoding, UDP multicast, and garbage free java programming. But don’t worry if you haven’t heard of all those before, we are prepared to train qualified candidates on all the tools and techniques required to be successful.


Principal Accountabilities:

  • Conducts system-wide testing and some integration testing. (Junit and cucumber)
  • Helps with debugging/designing the automated test frameworks
  • Demonstrates skill in language proficiency; Writes application modules and unit tests with minimal guidance. Designs with guidance and codes independently.
  • Identifies potential opportunities for code optimization.
  • Identifies potential opportunities for code optimization.
  • Provides input for code reviews and helps with environment build deployments, release notes and build notices; Reviews code to proactively identify and mitigate potential issues and defects and helps to identify sources of defects as well as troubleshoots various forms of code.
  • Uses design tools to frequently share and communicate design ideas on larger systems.
  • Uses patterns frequently, contributing to best practice and process enhancements

Skill set Requirement:

  • Industry experience in Core Java
  • Java basics
  • Primitive types and the String object
  • Java’s memory model
  • Java’s Collections framework
  • Functions, objects, fields, etc.
  • Java’s keywords
  • Java, advanced topics
  • Concurrency in Java and managing shared mutable state