Senior EDI Analyst

Sr EDI Analyst


The person will be responsible for working with customers to understand their requirements, working with our application team to understand how to meet those requirements, and creating a mapping package that accurately reflects the logic needed to translate the customers files into what our application needs and vice versa. The mapping package is then submitted to our EDI vendor for development. The analyst is then responsible for managing the testing process with the customer and application teams as well as ongoing production support. The ideal candidate will have the following:


  • Bachelor degree in discipline related to functional work or role with 5-7 years of relevant work experience OR demonstrated ability to meet the job requirements through a comparable number of years of applicable work experience.
  • Must be able to demonstrate an excellent understanding of the information technology environment/infrastructure and be able to identify and resolve complex challenges associated with the work. Must be able to understand complex interrelated information needs across multiple information technology platforms.
  • Able to demonstrate an understanding of the full range of customer information/data management systems and related processes and protocols. Able to resolve the difficult and complex challenges associated with the work performed.
  • Must be able to effectively analyze and solve the
  • more difficult and complex work related problems by using past
  • experience, research, and best practice information. Able to lead feasibility studies that produce useful recommendations.
  • Requires excellent communication skills with ability to state messages in a clear manner by using language that is easy for others to understand. Able to explain programs policies and procedures in language that is understood by others.
  • Must be able to modify communication style both formal and informal to match the appropriate level of the audience targeted. Requires strong understanding of the impact of a message on the organization or customer. Able to write with the clarity and precision necessary for the work being performed.
  • Experience in managing customer implementation projects.
  • Knowledge and experience in integration and mapping exercises, working with various file formats and data structures including XML, X12, EDIFACT, CSV and other flat file formats – Positional and Delimited. Knowledge of SAP IDOCs a plus
  • Candidate must have a strong knowledge of XML and schema definitions.
  • Knowledge and experience in supporting various connectivity methods including (S)FTP, HTTPS, VAN and AS2.
  • Experience in the Publishing Industry a plus.