Tips for a Successful Replacement Software Rollout

Rolling out software can be difficult, especially if you’re replacing an existing system with a new tool. People are naturally resistant to change. Trying to convince your employees to learn yet another new software solution is bound to be a challenge, but not impossible! To ensure a smooth transition, TransTech IT Staffing shares best practices to put you on the right track for a successful replacement software rollout.

Define Your Need

What benefit do you want to gain by implementing new software? Business tech tools can help with everything from customer relationship management and cybersecurity to payment processing and inventory control. Determine what problems you need to solve and ensure that a new software system will offer a return on your investment. Here are a few suggestions.

Talk to Your Employees

Don’t just assume which features your employees need. Talk to them! Find out what features they think are missing from your existing system and develop a needs document to share with vendors. It’s important to talk to the people who will use the technology regularly since these individuals have insight into the features that will have the greatest impact on productivity.

Avoid Scope Creep

Once you start looking at different software solutions, it’s easy to start thinking beyond your original needs document. But try to skip all the bells and whistles. While a few extra features might be worthwhile, adding unnecessary complexity to your new system will only make it harder to implement a successful rollout.

Look for a Reliable Vendor

Your software vendor will play an integral role in your software rollout. CIO magazine recommends looking for vendors with plenty of positive referrals. Ask vendors to provide references in your industry and contact their past clients to learn about their experiences. Your vendor should also be eager to let you test out the software with a live demo or a limited trial period.

Highlight the Benefits to Your Employees

Your employees are much more likely to adopt your software solution if they know what’s in it for them. Focus on the ways their work will get faster and easier. Highlight how they’ll be able to work more productively, increase their sales, or make their clients happier.

Use Rewards to Incentivize Adoption

 Rewards can also work to encourage employees to adopt new technology. Try to make it fun! For example, your employees could accumulate points or earn financial rewards for using the new software system. Gamifying your rollout is a great way to build engagement!

Leverage Your Early Adopters

You might not be able to convince all of your employees to adopt the new system right out of the gate. Fortunately, some of your employees are likely to be innovators and early adopters—technology enthusiasts who are excited about optimizing their workflow through new tech tools. Get these individuals to influence the rest of your team!

Train Your Team

Training events will teach your team how to get the most out of the new system. At the same time, these training sessions can help your employees feel more confident about using the new technology and reduce their hesitancy to switch up their workflow. 

Define Clear Goals

Before you roll out the new software, establish some specific and measurable goals that you can use to measure the success of your implementation. Base these goals around the pain points you want the software to address.

Measure the Results

Finally, use the goals you set before to measure the results of your software rollout. Choose key performance indicators (KPIs) based on your specific goals. For example, if you want to measure the impact of your software rollout on your bottom line, set KPIs based on your number of active users or customer lifetime values.

Replacing an existing software system with a new solution might be necessary to keep your business moving forward. Perhaps your business has outgrown the limitations of your current solution or you’re looking for a tool that better aligns with your specific needs. Whatever the reason, follow these best practices to ensure your rollout goes smoothly.

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