Are you concerned about leaving a full-time role and taking a contract position? For some, the biggest concern of full-time employees considering a contract is the uncertainty of the process. Talented people miss great roles because the experience of a contract is not transparent enough. In this article, we will share how TransTech IT Staffing implements our “Consultant Success Program” to partner with technologists and organizations. 

Our value to our clients is based on how we attract and retain business-changing talent. For consultants, we are judged by how well we can find the perfect job match for you based on your technical expertise and your personality, for a long-term fit. 

TransTech IT Staffing’s method to success is what we call our “Consultant Success Program“. The purpose is to ensure a productive and enjoyable experience for you and the client. 

This is our approach to the typical contract from a candidate’s perspective. Let us dive into the “Consultant Success Program”! 

What happens after you accept the offer? 

The butterflies have settled, and you are ready for all the fun paperwork! Do not worry, TransTech will work with you to make this painless. Our automated systems will take you through the onboarding paperwork, background check, and screening process. 

Two Weeks Until You Start 

Typically, the timeline from accepting an offer to your start date is two weeks. While we process your background check, you will receive: 

A call from your recruiter to see how the resignation conversation went with your current employer. We want to make sure that went as smoothly as possible. If there are issues, your recruiter can talk you through how to address them immediately. Your recruiter will also be in contact to see what you need before your first day. We want to make sure you feel comfortable and prepared to transition smoothly into your position. 

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One Week Until You Start 

Now it is starting to sink in that you are starting a new role. There are plenty of emotions at hand, but that is to be expected.

 In the final week you can expect: 

An email confirming your background is cleared. 

Additional information on our health insurance  

A call from your recruiter.  

Our newsletter. 

Bonus opportunities for consultants. 

It is important to have that final conversation. Your success in this new role is based on your happiness. Any final questions you may have from “what should I wear” to “where can I grab lunch” are all part of making you feel comfortable on your first day.  

Your First Day 

On day one, we want to be there for you from start to finish. Here is how we make this day easier: 

Your recruiter will meet you 30-45 minutes before your start time. Do not worry, coffee is on us! We will chat about how you feel, what you are anticipating most, what gives you pause and what to expect during your orientation.  

After coffee, we will wait with you in the lobby until your new manager is ready to begin your day. Nobody likes to sit alone in a strange place, it is nice to have a friend!  

Once your new manager is ready, we will sit down and have a real conversation. Transparency is key to the “Consultant Success Program.” This is a customized form that we review with you and your new manager. It explains expectations from both parties. Transparency and matching personalities, not just skills, are important in staffing roles. This is an efficient way to make sure there are no gray areas for either of you. 

After you enjoy your first day, you will receive a text message from your recruiter. We are sure you are excited to share details about your first day, and we would like to connect briefly just to see how things went. If you want to talk in detail, we are available! 

After Month One 

The first month is about getting settled into the project. You are starting to hit your stride and getting more comfortable with your teammates. You can objectively look at the pros and cons of the position. 

Your recruiter or account manager will call to arrange a lunch or coffee to discuss: 

The pros and cons of the position. 

Are you working on what you expected? 

Is this a place you could see yourself staying beyond the contract if that is an option? 

Do you like your co-workers and management? 

After Month Three 

At this point, you should be fully oriented in the role.

Here is what we need to know: 

Are you happy in this position and would you like to stay? 

Do you like the company? 

Are the providing everything you need to be successful? 

On-Going Communications 

Your recruiter will be in touch throughout the project to make sure things are going the way you had planned. Should there be any issues, they can help you talk through ways to approach your manager or the client. 

One Month Prior to Contract End Date 

This is about the time we start thinking about your extension. There are a few questions we ask between 4-5 weeks of your extension date. Your recruiter and account manager will help you navigate the extension process by speaking with the client and advising you with updates as soon as they have them. 

For some, you have found a wonderful organization where you can grow your career. For others, you have gained valuable experience, met some fun people, and are ready to take on a new challenge.  

Contract work does not need to be scary or feel like a gamble. Our Consultant Success Program is designed so everyone benefits. 

Wherever your journey takes you, TransTech IT Staffing is there for you along the way.  

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